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Nigerian Visa Services

With years of experiences in Nigeria Visa services, we have become a most reliable name among the tourists all over the world.  We have the team of experts to look after all your Visa needs and free you all of the hassles of Visa processing.  We will provide you complete consultancy on how and when to  apply for the visa as processing time for different Nigerian visas is different and what are the different documents required by you.

Our years of experience and hard work ensures all your visa process is done on time and you can do all the work hassle free.  As there are different kinds of visa for different purposes so the needed documents are also different.  We will guide you on which document is needed for each kind of visa so that your chances of rejection gets very rare and you can get the visa purely on time.

The type of visas we deal in our tourist visa, business visa,  Nigerian visa for infants and general kind of visa services. We will provide complete support from the time of the filing of the form to the final submission and guide you through the process.

Tourist Visa  

if you are looking forward to visit Nigeria as tourists, we the Nigerian Visa services are all there to help you. We know about all the ins and outs of the country including rules and regulations. We will guide you what all the necessary prerequisite things that could make your visit to Visa wonderful.  We have proven track record to show how much our clients are satisfied with our services.  And above all, we will arrange travel tickets also for you.

Business Visa

We often receive calls from our clients seeking queries about on what is STR Visa as they are often asked to get the same. It is Subject to Regulation Visa which means the type of visa we get depends on the certain regulations from the Nigerian government. STR visa is for foreigners who receive job offers from the different private companies, non-profit organizations and individual investors. It is different from business visa and depends on specific regulations.  It has a validity period of ninety days and is issued from Nigerian Embassy.

We will provide all the help you require in procuring the same.

Infant and child Visa

When you are planning your visit to Nigeria with kids and infants, one thing you should clear about is that you need a visa for your newborn baby or a child too. This is not something you should feel panicky about, as we at Nigerian Visa Services are here to help you with our services.  You can call our office during any time and our working hours or you can also contact us anytime 24/7.

General Visa Services

Our experts will reduce all your pain of filling the application forms for you as a specialized service for your clients. We will provide all the help needed by you to get the Application requirements within no time, So call our experts and get Visa on time.

Our aim is to make your arrangements and plan your visit to Nigeria well in advance so that you can get hassle free stay. Have a pleasing journey with our one-stop shop of your Nigerian Visa needs.

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