Business Visa For Nigeria and Its Requirements

Nigeria Business Visa

If you want to travel to Nigeria for business purpose, you should consider applying for Business Visa. Nigerian business visa can be given to any foreign national who is willing to travel to Nigeria temporarily either for attending conferences, meeting or for performing any business activity.  However, under no situation they should involve in any employment.

The Nigerian visa is issued for a length of 90 days, however, the same can be stretched if required.  The eligibility requirement is same to that of the Nigerian tourist visa, with the requirement of a letter of invitation from the Nigerian company.

Other basic requirements to travel to Nigeria are:

Valid Passport

You should have a valid passport which should contain

  • Two blank visa pages
  • Should have a validity period of one year from the date of your entry to Nigeria.

Applicants who own passport which was issued for less than six months and had earlier traveled to Nigeria should submit their previous passport which contains all visas and entry stamps.


You should have two valid color passport sized photographs that should contain the following:

  • It should have been taken in less than three months and printed on good quality photo paper.
  • There should be white background with 35 to 4mm in size
  • Show complete frontal view of your head and face
  • Photos should be fixed on your application and should not show any sign of staples.

Business Introduction Letter

A letter of introduction from the current employer and it should meet following criteria:

  • Should be address to the High commission
  • Must be on the company letterhead paper
  • Added the name of the applicant
  • Indicate the purpose and nature of the journey
  • Mention people whosoever are attending
  • Specify time and duration of the business meeting
  • Number of attendees and duration of the visa
  • Add the financial background and immigration responsibility for the applicant,
  • Get the letter signed by the supervisor or the company HR department.

Letter of Invitation

You should have attached Letter of Invitation from the company who is inviting. The letter should

  • Addressed to the High Commission
  • Must be on the letterhead paper
  • Write name of the applicant
  • The rest of the details as mentioned above.

The Nigeria High Commission has constituted a web-based visa application system and form. All the applications should be filled online and printed out. Visa fee should be submitted along with the submission of the application form with the same should be paid using credit or debit card which are “Verified by Visa” system. After filling the form, you should take out

  • “Visa Acknowledgment Slip”
  • The Visa Payment Slip
  • Six Page Visa Application Form.

If you are ready with all the above papers, you can submit the same in the local embassy and prepare for your trip to Nigeria.

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