Business Visa To Nigeria

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Nigeria is a thriving country and the business opportunities are endless. Getting your Business Visa to Nigeria deal done is not all you need to get to Nigeria the most important thing is to get your Nigerian visa application Houston and what better place to get this done than with Nigerian Visa Services!

Understanding what is a Business Visa to Nigeria is very important in order to apply for it.

A business visa is for business purpose but not for paid employment and are single entry and are only valid for six months while STR Visa is valid for 90 days and its issued from Nigerian Embassy for single entry. When you arrive in Nigeria you will be asked to provide the packet which you will get along the visa which includes all your STR documents. Based on approval you will be eligible for Resident permit or Alien Card in Nigeria.

We at Nigerian Visa Services specialises in getting Business Visas for our client even expedited when you have to leave within a week or less . But compare to visit visa Business visa process is longer and the paper work needed can take a lot of time.

Its can end one in lot of stress if you don’t deal with professional company who is in Visa business for a long time and can get Business Visa to Nigeria for you without hassle and unreasonable amount of time. We understand each and every step you need to take before and after getting your Business visa to Nigeria and help you all the way smoothly .

Once you contact us we will give you all the requirement in order to travel with Business visa to Nigeria and make sure you are not missing anything so that there is no delay in your plans.

Get your Business visa fast and hassle free from us!