Steps To Obtain Nigerian Visa for A New Born Baby

Nigeria New Born Baby Visa

People are often perplexed when it comes to obtaining Visa for their new born baby for travelling to Nigeria.

Here are the steps to be followed to streamline your process for Visa.

  • An original signed passport, valid for six months beyond the stay in Nigeria, must be obtained for the new born baby. It must have at least one blank page for Nigerian visa stamp. Amendment pages at the back of the passport are not accepted for stamping Nigeria visas.


  • One copy of Nigerian visa application form along with an additional copy should be kept ready. The Embassy of Nigeria accepts online visa application form and online payment. The two copies of the completed form are required to be printed.


  • A letter of consent signed by both the parents must be provided with the application form. Signatures and names of parents must match with the ones written in their passports and on the child’s birth certificate. If one of the parents has sole custody of the baby, then a copy of legal document confirming the same must be submitted. Here the consent letter of the single parent is enough.


  • Copy of the new born baby’s birth certificate is also required. All the documents can be submitted in physical form or can be uploaded on the Nigerian Visa Application site.


  • The parents/ guardians should choose a correct Consulate and send documents to the location chosen on the visa application form. In case of credit card payments, the Google payment receipt should be attached with the application. If money is paid by money order, then the confirmation of payment needs to be attached as an evidence of direct payment with the application.


         $30.00 US Postal money order or certified bank cheque to the Consulate General of Nigeria must be submitted. $65.00 US Postal money order or certified bank cheque as emergency visa expedite fee in addition to the $30 will be required if one wants the visa to get processed within 3 business days.


  • Applicants of New York need to provide New York Supplemental Application Form. If the processing location is New York, Atlanta or Washington, then the fee structure differs as given by this link.    Check Out here
  • Two recent, coloured, identical, 2 x 2 passport size photographs with front view of the baby are required on light background. Applicants of Atlanta can provide only one passport photograph. The Nigerian Embassy offers another option where one can uploaded passport photo on the Global Service Order Form directly.

A signed letter of invitation from sponsor in Nigeria mentioning the relationship to the baby and his family and the intention of travel to Nigeria should be carried. It must include duration of stay, location and contact details of the family.

  • The Atlanta and New York applicants should submit a copy of host’s passport if he is a Nigerian citizen and copies of host’s resident permits and the information page of their passports if he resides in Nigeria.
  • Electronic/ Printed version of flight itinerary or airline ticket of the baby is must.
  • Copies of hotel reservations, if any, for the family should be submitted.
  • International certificate of vaccination against Yellow Fever is required.

 Nigeria visa for Child or Infants requires seven to ten business days to approve and we at complete all the process in minimum time frame and provide your infant visa with in 7 to 10 days.

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