Requirements For An Emergency Tourist Visa For Nigeria

Visit Visa for Nigeria

If the situation demand that require immediate visit for Nigeria, you can apply for Emergency Tourist Visa which is provided under the following conditions:

  • If you require a medical attention
  • For meeting your ailing parents, or relatives
  • Take part in a funeral
  • For organ transplant.

To get the quick Visa and that too without hindrance it is mandatory for you to meet certain Visa requirements:

  • You need to submit an original passport book with six months of validity period and one blank page on it. Amendment pages at the back of the passport cannot get Visa Stamps.
  • One colored passport size photograph with front view and plain/light background should be attached.
  • One attached letter of authorization.
  • One IAG Customer Order Form.
  • Also add one copy of the foreign travel plane ticket and printed travel itinerary
  • Visa processing Fee of 150 dollars to be paid to the Embassy of Nigeria.
  • If you intend to stay with your relative, you need to attach Letter of Invitation from your host in Nigeria. The letter would mention your name, the address and the telephone number of a host. Also needed is a copy of host’s passport and local ID.

In case your passport does not have blank pages, you are required to first submit your passport to get the pages added. If the expiry date of your passport is nearing, you should first renew your passport.

Applicants below the age of 18 should provide the following documents besides standard requirements:

  • You require a Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Signed consent letters of both parents
  • Photocopies of the parents passports or Valid Id

You have to make sure all the documents are correct and updated before submission, to a voice any chance of rejection.  However, once all the documents are submitted, visa processing will be done as quickly as possible.  During submissions if you face any problem or an issue you can consult embassy or your Visa consultant and then apply to avoid any inconvenience.

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