What is Associate in Nursing STR Visa To Nigeria?

Nursing STR Visa

If you have got a business chance or job provide in African nation, you’ll are urged by your host or company to begin applying for Associate in Nursing STR allow, otherwise called a subject matter to Regulation visa.  The name sounds terribly discouraging and to a small degree bit dangerous, however this is often simply the name for the visa that allows paid employment as Associate in Nursing expat in African nation as well as the Delta region. the explanation for the name is that the Nigerian government restricts the quantity of expatriates World Health Organization take up paid, permanent employment within the country.   This visa is obtainable to foreigners with offers from non-public corporations, non-profits and governments and to individual investors.

How is Associate in Nursing STR visa completely different from a business visa and a short lived Work Permit?  A business visa is for business functions like conferences, contract negotiations, coaching etc. however not for paid employment.  These visas ar out there with single or multiple entries and ar solely valid for up to 6 months.

Temporary Work Permits (TWP) are out there to skilful staff, contractors or specialists providing their services for a restricted quantity of your time to companies or non-profits already in operation in African nation.  A contract and confirmed round-trip ticket ar needed to use for this visa. because the name implies, this visa is for TEMPORARY work with set finish dates.

The length of the STR visa are going to be valid for ninety days once issued from the Embassy and it’ll be for clerking. Upon landing in African nation you’ll be asked to gift the authorities with not solely your visa, however a packet from the Embassy that contains the remainder of your STR documents. when the authorities have reviewed your documents you’ll be eligible for a Combined Expatriate Residence allow and Alien Card (CERPAC) which is able to provide you with residency rights and also the actual right to begin work.

So the important beginning is that the STR. the complete method takes five to ten business days, however confine mind that the Nigerian embassy is barely open Mondays through Thursdays and is closed on Fridays. you’ll would like the subsequent documents:

Current Passport (with a minimum of vi months validity)

  • 4 Completed visa application forms
  • 4 Copies of confirmation of on-line payment
  • 4 passport size photos
  • 4 Copies of employment provide letters
  • 4 Copies of acceptance of employment letters
  • 4 Copies of Nigerian Immigration approval quota
  • 4 Copies of resume, degrees, and certificates attained
  • Holders of non–US passports should give proof of legal residency (photocopy of inexperienced card)
  • 4 copies certificate of incorporation of the Nigerian company.
  • 4 Copies of business allow issued by the Ministry of interior (for corporations that have foreign shareholders)

Most of the official documents can come back from your leader, however the visa application, on-line payment and different documents ar typically procured separately. it’s suggested that you simply work with a non-public firm like www.nigerianvisaservices.com professional which may assist with these documents. The STR visa may be a discouraging method and needs personal connections and face to face time to with the diplomatic building workers. it’s vital to figure with a good agency World Health Organization will prepare this for you.

Good luck along with your move and new job and congratulations!

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