How To Get STR Visa For Nigeria

How to get Nigerian Visa

If you get an opportunity to start your business operations or take employment in Nigeria you require an STR visa.  Though your present company will be offering all the documents required for Visa, yet you need to apply for the same.

The Application Process Follows The Two Step Process:  

Firstly complete your application online on the website of the Nigeria Immigration Service and secondly apply it through the embassy of your home country.

The visa is applicable for the foreigner who get offer from private firms, government, non-government agencies, or individual investors. This visa is available to foreigners with offers from private firms, non-profits, and governments and individual investors.

The visa is valid for ninety days from the date of issue from the Embassy, and it would be a single entry. After landing in Nigeria, you have to present the visa and other STR documents as issued by the Embassy. After the authorities have reviewed your documents, you would be eligible for a Combined Expatriate Residence Permit and Alien Card (CERPAC). This card would entitle you with residency rights and the right to stay and work in Nigeria.

STR is a first step of your stay in this African land. It takes five to ten business days for the complete process. Nigerian embassy’s working days are from Monday till Thursday.

To Apply For STR Visa You Require Four Copies Each of the Documents like:

  • Need a current passport having a validity period of six months.
  • Four copies of fees you have paid online as a documentary proof
  • Submit four copies of duly filled visa application forms.
  • Also attach four copies of Employment offer letters including four copies of acceptance letters
  • Also is required four copies of Nigerian Immigration of approval
  • Add four copies of Resume, degree, and certificates if any
  • Non –US passport holders should also present their proof of residency as a photocopy of green card
  • Also compulsory are four copies certificate of incorporation of the Nigerian company.
  • Also required by the law are copies of the business permit issued by the Ministry of Interior of the companies having foreign shareholders.

If ever you would like to apply for the visa, it is highly advised that you consult a Visa service provider who would guide you about documents required by you.  The STR visa is a very complicated process requiring the need for personal connection and direct communication with the Consular staff. It is very pertinent to cooperate with a reputable agency who can work with you,

Even to get CERPAC is not an easy take.  You have to plan wisely and take necessary steps. Both the regulations and the CERPAC require forms, besides you need to apply for an Aliens Registration card at the immigration office within 21 days.

In short, you need to sign an employment contract and fill out an online application and deposit the form and documents in Nigerian Embassy of your home country.

In Nigeria, deposit all the documents

Apply for regularization than for CERPAC and for the Aliens Registration Card to be eligible for working in Nigeria.

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