Types of Visas Offered By A Nigerian Visa Consultant In Houston

Approved Visa to Nigeria

A Nigerian business visa Houston is a professional Nigerian visa business consultant based in Houston, because of many years of experience and diligent efforts they have become experts in acquiring any visa for Nigeria. Also, they have an all kinds of visa that they provide enabling one to travel with any visa; these include a visa for tourist, a visa for business, and an STR visa. There is also a special one meant for infants in case one is planning to take a trip to Nigeria with their children and kids, and it is known as Nigerian infant visa. There are various types of visas one can get from the Nigerian business visa consultant in Houston and below are examples of them.

  • Nigeria Visitor Visa

In case one is planning to procure a visa to Nigeria then choosing the Nigerian visa services based in Houston is the best decision they would have made, this is because the visa consultant would provide them the best tourist visa services not only to Nigeria but also to the rest of African countries. The visa consultant is a full-service travel and visa agency that has been in business for an extended period. They have experts who have many years of experience in travel and visa services. Once one gets to approach them, they would be able to get any Nigerian visa they desire, and this would range from a visa for tourist, visa for business, STR visa and also Nigeria visa for infants.

  • Business and STR Visa

One thing that needs to be noted here is that business visa is much different from an STR visa, this is because a business visa is meant for business purposes only and not for paid employment. Also, these visas are single entry and only valid for a six months period andas for the STR visa, in other words, it means subject to regulation visa is a kind of visa one can get based on a particular law from Nigerian government. Mostly the visa is intended for foreigners who get job offers from private companies, non-profit organizations or even individual investors. The STR visa is only valid for ninety days, and also, one can get it from the Nigerian embassy issued for a single entry. When one gets in Nigeria, they would be asked to provide a packet which has the visa and also includes all the STR documents and upon approval they would be eligible for a resident permit or alien card.

  • Nigerian Infant Visa

When planning to take a trip to Nigeria with children and kids, one thing needs to be noted is that even a new born baby or a child would both require a Nigerian visa to visit the country. But with the Nigerian visa Houston consultant, they have managed to help their client’s infants and children be able to travel with visa hassle free. Unfortunately, it takes the time to get it due to paperwork that is always involved. All one needs to do is just call the office at any time during the working days or can contact the office through the social media like Facebook or LinkedIn. To be able to avoid any disappointment at the last minute it will be good for one to talk to visa consultants to get the most up to date information.

  • Nigerian Visa Application

The Nigerian visa consultant based in Houston will help one get all the application requirements needed for a visa in no time. One needs to contact them, and they would happily provide the list and information on ways of getting a Nigerian visa, this would include the paperwork that one needs to be processed to get that visa. There are lots of steps that are involved for one to get a visa for Nigeria, in case one is travelling for business purposes then they would need to bring all the supporting documents required by the Nigerian embassy.

In conclusion, the Nigerian business visa Houston provides every kind of visa, and all these have a lot of requirements for application to complete and to avoid the last minute mishap it is advisable for one to talk to their experts who have also helped hundreds of people.

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