Differences Between STR Visa and Visit Visa

Visit Visa to Nigeria

People travel to different parts of the world, everyday and every month and there is always a reason why one would want to take a flight to say, Nigeria. The question however is; what type of Visa do you need and where can you Get Nigerian Visa?  Before you make that trip, there are pertinent issues you must address and key among them is acquisition of permit to enter a foreign country. Entry into a foreign country as a diplomat, a businessperson, an alien, a student or a holiday seeker is usually bound by rules and set guidelines. This is to say that before you land in any airport in Nigeria from Houston, Texas, there are fundamental requirements you must meet and so are the procedures which you must follow. And with the increasing cases of terrorists activities around the world with Nigeria being a hotspot of terror related activities given the presence of Boko Haram terrorizing the Northern parts of the country, it is no longer a walk in the park when travelling to any part of the world.

Further, there are lots of background and security related checks and procedures which have been incorporated into Visa application processes so that the right person is allowed to Travel to wherever he or she wishes and be assured of safety upon arrival. But this is a topic for another day. Well, what is STR visa? Also, what is Visit Visa? Under what circumstances should STR Visa or Visit Visa apply? Why would one need a STR or Visit Visa?  It is pretty obvious that visit Visa is a travel document which anyone who seeks entry into a foreign country on non-permanent basis is granted. Ostensibly, it is a non-immigration Visa and this means, just like most types of Visas, it can be revoked. But when it comes to STR Visa which am certain sounds quite unfamiliar to many, there is more that what meets the eye. Forget about the fact that it is basically a Subject to Regulation Visa (STR) and find out more and why you must just need it in your future trips.

When applying for a travel Visa, it is important to know why you need one in the first place. Note that a passport is a must and on it, a travel or STR Visa is usually attached. Are you a student who is going to another country to study? Are you a business traveler who is seeking entry into a foreign country where you intend to engage in business related activities? Are you a diplomat representing his or her country on matters business, governance or development? Are you seeking entry into a foreign country for holiday purposes? These and among other host of reasons should jumpstart your Visa application process because right there and then, you get to know which type of travel Visa you need. In fact, there are instances where you will need different types of Visas at the same time. All the same, the question should be how to get STR visa to whatever country you are seeking entry into. Well, let’s take a look at the differences between Visit and STR travel visa hereafter.

Differences premised on purpose for travelling

At all times, names of visas and issuance of the same is usually based on the purpose for travelling. Visit visa or visitors’ visa is issued to those who are visiting a country with the sole purpose of meeting their loved ones for a given duration of time. Also, visitors’ visa is issued to someone who is going to a foreign country to have a firsthand experience with its nature culture, customs and among other things. Tourists are usually issued with this type of travel document. On the other hand, Subject To Regulation visa is usually given to those who are going to a foreign country to conduct business. It could be an individual investor or someone going to Nigeria to conduct business as a representative of a non-governmental organization or a private firm. Note that both are non-immigrant visas.

Who gets an STR visa and who gets a Visit Visa?

Well, when it comes to travelling around the world, it is important to note that visas do not come as all-purpose travel documents. Also, not everyone gets what he wants. The issuance of travel documents is usually guided by stringent measures so that once you land into a country one doesn’t have any documentation related problems. Well, the question of who gets a visitor visa is never a big issue because anyone who travels to a foreign land qualifies for one.  However, when it comes to the Subject to Regulation visa, a lot of things are usually considered with the reason why you are travelling coming above everything else. Well, if you are not a doctor without borders or if you are not working with a non-governmental organization such as Red Cross, then the reason as to why you need STR must have a strong link with business. It could be that you are a private investor or going to say Nigeria to attend a business meeting as a representative of a private organization.

Differences based on forms of STR and Visit Visas

The form of STR and Visit visa you can be issued with is another thing. Though not always the case, STR can be issued as Students STR, STR for dependants or STR for a woman whose husband is a Nigerian or any other country. On the other hand, Visit or Visitors’ visas come in the widest of ranges. It can be a tourist visa, which issued to students going to a foreign country to attend an exchange program, brief visits by government representatives, as a document for those visit a foreign country to seek further medical attention and more.

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