Applying for An STR Visa to Nigeria

STR Nigeria Visa

What is an STR Visa to Nigeria?

A Subject to Regular Visa (STR) Visa is required by expatriates when they’re pursuing permanent employment in Nigeria. If you’ve received a job offer from Nigeria then your host will ask you to file for this visa, you can also be requested by your company to file for an STR visa to Nigeria if they’re pursuing an investment opportunity in Nigeria.  While the name “Subject to Regulation” makes the visa sound a bit troublesome, it’s really quite harmless. It’s referred that way because the Nigerian government limits the number of expatriates that pursue permanent employment in the country.

A Nigerian STR Visa is available to foreigners in Nigeria who’re having offers from either individuals, private firms or NGOs

How Does an STR Differ From A Temporary Work Permit and Work Visa?

A business Visa is valid only for business negotiations such as meetings, contractual negotiations, trainings etc. You’re not allowed to work on a business visa.  A business visa allows you a single or a multiple entry however it’s only valid for up to 90 days unless extended.

Temporary work permits are for workers who are entering the country for a specific contract that lasts for a limited time period. It is usually granted to skilled contractors and workers who’re entering the country to do a job for companies or non-profits that are already operating in Nigeria. For a Temporary work permit, you require a contract and return tickets to apply for this visa.

Who Qualifies for an STR Visa to Nigeria?

To qualify to file an STR visa, you must be an expatriate employed by corporate bodies, governments or individuals in Nigeria.

STR visa Requirements for US Citizens

To apply for an STR visa to Nigeria from USA, you will need the following documents:

  • A valid passport having a validity of at least 6 months beyond your stay in Nigeria.
  • One original and 3 copies of a letter of employment from your host or your company.
  • 4 copies of your credentials and CV, all vetted by a relevant official of Embassy or Nigerian High commission.
  • One original and 3 Copies of Letter of Quota approval of Expatriate from Ministry of Interior.
  • Four recent 2×2 passport size photos on a white background.
  • 4 Copies of the completed Visa Form
  • Recent Online payment receipt of Visa fee.
  • 3 original and one copy of the letters of acceptance of offer by expatriate.
  • 4 Copies of your diplomas and certificates.
  • 4 copies of confirmed documentation of your accommodation during your stay in Nigeria.
  • 4 Copies of International Certificate against Yellow Fever.

STR Visa Application Process

The Nigerian Embassy accepts online visa applications and payments. To officially start your application process for a Nigerian STR visa, Go here, and Select USA as your country.

Be sure to read all the instructions regarding the application carefully.

The steps you will have to follow have been summarized below:

  1. Create your ID on the portal using Yahoo, Open ID or Google. If you already have an ID, sign in using your existing ID.
  2. Fill all the required fields in the application and print out 4 copies of the completed application when you’re done. Once you’ve printed out the copies, submit the application.
  3. Once you’ve completed your application successfully, you’ll be taken to a webpage that contains your reference ID; you will also receive the reference ID via an email from the Nigerian Immigration service. Exit that screen to proceed to the payment section. You may also pay later, and fill other applications at this point. At a time, you can fill up to six applications.
  4. If you’ve chosen to pay now, select your mode of payment and follow the relevant steps accordingly.
  5. Once you’ve confirmed your payment by either entering the details of your money order or directly paying online, you should receive an acknowledgement email from SW global LLC. The acknowledgement email might take up to 2 days, so don’t worry if you don’t receive an email until 48 hours of submitting the application.
  6. It’s a good idea to print a copy of your acknowledgement slip. After completing steps 1 to 5, go here. , enter your visa type, reference number, and ID. Hit search record to pull out the acknowledgement slip.
  7. Once you’ve had the acknowledgement, don’t wait for the date of the interview send your documents immediately to your consulate. Be sure to select the correct consulate in your application.

The documents you need to send have been mentioned above in the Requirements section of the article.  Compile all the necessary documents and send them out to the relevant consulate. Once you’ve submitted the documents, your job is done. The consulate will evaluate your documents and you will be contacted further. The visa processing time varies from one consulate to another, but if everything alright it usually takes only a few weeks.

Here’s a few final tips that should come in handy to you when you’re applying for your visa.

  • Purchase the money orders from US postal service because they allow immediate processing. It will speed up the process.
  • Always purchase refundable tickets and hotel reservations. If for some reason, your visa gets declined, you don’t want to risk losing all the money you spent on your hotel reservations and travel tickets.
  • Get your tickets through a travel agency, they will not only be able to provide refundable tickets. You will get cheaper rates as well.

The visa process may be daunting, but a trip to Nigeria is worth all the effort. It’s a beautiful country that will give you memories of a life time. So don’t get discouraged by a few days of sorting through red tape, rather look forward to the coming weeks in which you’ll be exploring a new country. Good luck!

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