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Immigration documentation is a necessary evil when travelling to any part of the world. When moving from say Houston or from any part of U.S to Nigeria for instance, you might just want to find out why STR visa is something quite unfamiliar yet very important. Well, also known as STR Permit, STR in an abbreviation of the words ‘Subject to Regulation’ Visa.  It is mostly issued to
persons whose travel motives are strongly linked to business. Cases in point of people who would be required to get STA Permit to Nigeria include that person who is going to Naira land as a representative of a non-governmental organization, someone working for a private firm or individual investors. Non-governmental organizations include agencies like Red Cross, Doctors without borders and others.  It is purposely to allow one operate business related activities in a foreign nation for specified duration of time without having to go through tougher measures as opposed to a case where you just move to a country with your passport and sets up a business without being given business permit to do so.

Usually, STR visa has an expiry limit of up to 90 days, after which you either renew or travel back to your country of origin. This is why one of the requirements is that STR Visa holders must show proof of return ticket booking.  Notably, STR visa is always issued once a request is formally made by a company that is sponsoring an individual, or by investors who are seeking residence in Nigeria.  You can actually have your STR permit processed upon landing in Nigeria and this something which only takes place at the Comptroller-General’s office located in the capital Abuja. If you are seeking an employment in Nigeria or has been offered one, it is also strongly recommended that you check at the immigration department for directions on how to acquire Subject to Regulation Visa. Travellers ought to note that this type of foreign work permit can be revoked any time, but this usually depends on among other things, breach of a certain laws and upon expiry.

Other types of STR permit take certain forms such as;

  • Student STR
  • Foreign Wives of Nigerians STR
  • STR for dependants

In cases where you want to get a Nigerian STR visa but you hold non-US passport, you must be able to show proof of legal residency. This is usually done through presentation of a green card copy. A small fee is usually charged at the embassy. You need to inquire from your embassy which is subject to changes from time to time depending on amendments to immigration laws and policies, but it is usually pegged at twenty Euros.

Important operational guidelines to note about Nigerian STR Visa include;

  • Your STR permit must have been approved by immigration authorities in Nigeria
  • You have made a reservation for your return air ticket
  • Your must have presented your most current copies of passport-sized photographs
  • You must have paid your Visa fees online through Official Nigeria’s immigration website. You should get the authentic link to the website lest you get scammed by fake agency websites purporting to help facilitate your STR approval.

Well, apart from these basics, there are procedures which anyone seeking an STR Permit for residency in Nigeria must fulfil and they include further documentation requirements. This post takes you through some of them hereafter, so take a look;

Nigerian STR Visa Application process

Well, apart from the guidelines upon which Nigeria STR Visa approval depends, those applying are required to follow due a process and do all that is required of them before being granted entry. Below are some documents you will be asked to present during the documentation process.

  • You will be asked to provide 4 copies of your passport photographs. Take note of the size specifications and also present the required number of passport pictures. Note that the photographs should be coloured and taken against a light background.
  • 4 copies of Visa application forms will always be needed. The forms should be duly filled and completed before they are presented.
  • Employment acceptances letters are also other necessary requirements and in which case, 4 copies will also be required.
  • Nigerian immigration quota approval copies must also be provided. In this regard, 4 copies are usually required.
  • Your travel passport is a fundamental requirement before your STR visa to Nigeria can be processed. It is important to note that your passport should have a validity period of at least 6 months.
  • Other documents that are usually needed whenever one is applying for a Nigerian STR visa include: 4 copies of your curriculum Vitae/ Resume, 4 copies of your degree certificate (s), 4 copies of any other merit certificates such as certificate of excellence and certificate of excellence.

SRT permit processing timeline and validity

Well, it could take up to between 5 to 10 days before you are issued with your Subject to Approval Visa after which you can get on a business class flight to Nigeria. Processing of this visa usually takes place during business weeks. Note that the Nigerian consulate usually works between Mondays and Thursdays, so make sure to submit all the necessary documents between or on any of these days of the week. The flight you take actually depends on whether you are looking for cheapest travel tickets to Nigeria or the usually expensive business class airline tickets.

Once you have met all the application requirements are, your STR Visa to Nigeria becomes valid for a period of up to 90 days. This is why it is always important to indicate on your application form, the duration during which you will be residing in Nigeria. Upon expiry of your STR, you are required to renew it and necessary fees regarding the same apply. However, if within 90 days you will have completed whatever business it is you are doing in Nigeria, you will be required to leave the country.

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