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Nigeria is one of the beautiful countries of Africa. In Africa, it is the country with the largest economy. This country is also famous for its oil resources. Most population of this country relates of the middle class standard of living. This country is also considered as the home land of natural parks where some of the rare species of animals and birds are safe. The climate of Nigeria is cool due to its mountains and cool air.

The population of this country is about 177 million. The people of this country are different from the other northern countries as the country is also different. Most of the people of this country are related to the religion Islam. Men community of Nigeria usually wears colorful clothes.  Muslim community of the Nigeria placed mats on the floor to say their Friday prayer. They usually pray five times a day. Other community in the southern part of the country goes the church for their prayers. The food of Nigeria contains spicy and hot dishes. People mostly prefer meat and sea food. However the food industry developed toward fast food and other cuisine.

Facts about Nigeria

  • The national language of Nigeria is same in British English. English is the considered as the second language of the Nigeria while Nigerian language is considered as the first language. Most of people of Nigeria speak in Nigerian language that is Yoruba because they can’t speak in English. A few of Nigerians who studied about English also hesitate to speak English language. Some of the Nigerians are proficient in speaking and writing English too.
  • The electricity of whole country shut down for more than ten times a day. Some of the restaurants and hotel owners use generator to compete the electricity shortage for their property.
  • There are some few white people in Nigeria and if a white person visits Nigeria. People surprisingly look at him.
  • Nigeria has instable government and most politicians of this country are corrupt. They are responsible for their country’s condition.
  • Nollywood is the film industry of Nigeria. Nollywood usually releases above than 200 movies within a week.
  • Nigeria people who live in United States are more educated than the people live in Nigeria.
  • Use of left hand in cleanliness matter like eating and making food etc. is strongly prohibited because Nigeria people think that left hand is for doing the dirty things while they use right hand for the clean and good things. In some of the area of Nigeria, you will not find any king of soap to wash your hand so the above practice is very important to maintain the health.

Requirements to get visit visa to Nigeria

You can easily get visit visa to Nigeria by fulfilling the following requirements

  • You must have a legal passport with the validity of more than six months that will not expire during the stay in Nigeria.
  • Fill the Visa application form to get the visit visa to Nigeria. Nigerian government has also introduced computerized online form to apply for Nigeria visit. They also provide guideline for the payment for the visa.
  • After applying the visit visa to Nigeria online, you should print the application form and save to copies as a proof. You should also print out the payment receipt for the Visa.
  • You should follow the strict guidelines provided by the government of Nigeria to get the Visa.
  • Photo requirement is also compulsory; you should have your most recent 2×2 size photographs with a plain blue background. Passport photos can be uploaded to the legal website for the registration.

Things to enjoy in Nigeria

You will enjoy beautiful places in Nigeria.

  • Nigeria is very adventurous country as it is a homeland for natural parks and its architecture. If you love different architecture then you should visit the Ibadan.
  • Calabar is the beautiful town on the beautiful green hill near Calabar River. It is the famous place in the Nigeria due to its cool weather. There are some hand sculptures made up of iron add more beauty to the beautiful town.
  • Shere hills are one of the main beautiful hills of Nigeria. Mostly people love to enjoy hiking on this hill. You should also visit this place when you visit Nigeria.
  • As natural parks is the reason of the popularity of Nigeria. When you visit the natural parks in Nigeria, you will see leopards, chimpanzees, buffalos, elephants and gorillas.
  • Gurara falls is another best place to visit in Africa. The height of this water fall is about 66 feet above. You can also swim in the pool where water falls from the height.
  • There are also some art exhibitions held in the beautiful country Nigeria. These exhibitions attract many tourists towards it. Nigerian arts are displayed in these exhibitions. Tourists are not allowed to bring cameras in exhibition. You can also buy the special art product with the fixed price.
  • You can also enjoy bird wildlife at Yankari National park. There are many beautiful bird species found in this park. Here you will also see elephants, monkeys, crocodiles. There are also safety measures provided to you by the management to enjoy the wild life.

Above is the overview of the beautiful country of Africa. You will also get visit visa to Nigeria by filling up the requirements. Before going to the Nigeria, you should also take a look at the famous places of Nigeria on the online site. You can also keep the family tour to the Nigeria because it is one of the best places to enjoy the natural beauty of the world. Children enjoy wildlife and they amused by seeing different rare kinds of birds and animals in front of them.  Tourists also love the night life of some of the main cities of Nigeria. Mostly couples are also attracting toward the wild life. After reviewing the above points, you will love to visit Nigeria. One more thing, you should also keep some important things and clothes according to the environment of Nigeria.

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