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If you really want to experience the raw and rich culture and traditions of West Africa, you should visit Nigeria. Nigeria has embraced the West African values and blossomed into a vibrant, cultured and headstrong nation. While the media portrays Nigeria is a dangerous location, things are a lot better here than one might imagine.

Nigeria is full of lush landscapes, loving people, and joyous festivities. Despite the struggles, the people here are happy, loving and warm. They’re not easy to forget once you’ve had an interaction with them. But if you’re on this page, chances are you’ve already made up your mind to visit Nigeria. You just want to learn how you can get the Nigerian tourist visa. Fair enough, let’s get down to it.

The Nigerian Visa Requirements for US citizens are not rocket science, but they do involve many small details, so brace yourself and note down all the important stuff so you can get your Nigerian visa application filled out as painlessly as possible.

Requirements for Nigerian Visa Application Houston

Outlined below is everything that you need to get a Nigeria Visa for US citizens.


This is something that every kid in the block knows, you need your passport if you’re travelling abroad. In case of Nigeria, make sure your passport is valid for the duration of your stay in Nigeria plus an additional six months as well. You should have at least one blank page left on your passport for the visa to be stamped on. Note that extra pages added the end of the passport will not be considered.

Nigerian Embassy Application Form

To formally start your Visa process you need to fill out the Nigerian Embassy Application Form. The Nigerian embassy has a web-based application form and payment system. This really speeds up the process, it’s a lot simpler too.

You can find this form on the Nigerian Embassy website. Start filling out the form here.

Once you’ve completed the form. Print two copies of it as you’ll need to send it later with your documents. Once you’ve completed the form, you must pay the processing fee for the form to be considered.

Be sure to select the correct consulate on your application.

Application Fee

The processing fee for a regular application is $30. If you want an expedited delivery of your visa then the processing fee will be $65. You may submit the fee via money order or a certified bank cheque.

Once you’ve submitted your online application along with the fee, you should get the acknowledgement email from the embassy in 1-2 working days. Once you’ve received the email, send your documents as soon as possible. You don’t need to wait for the interview call.

Documents Required for a Nigerian Visa.

All the documents required for a Nigerian Visa have been listed and explained below. We’ve also provided a checklist at the end of the post that you can go over once you’re ready to submit your documents.


You require 2×2 passport size front photos on white background on your application. Be sure that the photos are colored, clear and professional.

An Invitation Letter from Nigeria

If you’re visiting a friend or a relative in Nigeria, a letter of invitation would be required. The letter must state your name, contact details and duration of stay. It should also state “we hereby accept full immigration responsibilities”.

If your host is a citizen of Nigeria, he should also attach a copy of his passport along with the invitation letter. If the host is not citizen, but he is a resident then he must provide his resident permit along with the relevant information page from the passport.

Proof of Departure

You need to submit electronic or printed flight itinerary of your round trip to Nigeria as proof of your departure. You can get that either from an airline or your travel agent.

Hotel Confirmation

You need to provide the details of your Hotel Reservations during your stay in Nigeria. If you’re planning to stay in more than one hotel than details of all the hotel reservations need to be submitted along with your application.

If you’re planning to stay with an inviting friend or family member, you require a letter confirming that from your host.

Medical Requirement

You need an international Vaccination certificate against Yellow fever.

Financial Requirement

You also need to send a copy of your most recent bank statement to ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover the expenses of your stay in Nigeria.

Minor Requirements

If you’re only travelling with adults than that’s all stuff that you need on a visa application form. If however, you’re travelling with minors. There’s two more things that you need: A letter of consent and a birth certificate.

A letter Of Consent

If you’re applying for a visa of a minor i.e a child (under 16), you are required to attach a letter of consent along with the other documents. A letter of consent should have the signature of both parents of the child. The signatures on the letter should be the same as the signature of parents on the child’s passport and birth certificate.

If a child is being raised by a single parent then the parent needs to attach a legal documents proving the custody of the child as well. In case of a single parent, a single sign on the letter of consent will suffice.

Birth Certificate

For a minor, the birth certificate of the child also needs to be submitted along with the application.

Final Checklist

The list summarizes all the items that you will need to file for a Nigerian Visa

  1. A Passport that is valid at least until 6 months after your stay.
  2. Submission of Application form and fee.
  3. 2 Passport size photos.
  4. Invitation Letter from Host.
  5. Proof of Departure: Flight Itinerary.
  6. Hotel Reservation Details (if applicable).
  7. Certificate of vaccination against yellow fever.
  8. Latest account statement.
  9. For Minors only: Letter of Consent (along with legal custody papers for single parent).
  10. For Minor only: Birth Certificate of Child.

Once you’ve submitted your documents, your part is done.  The embassy will contact you if they require any more information. Your visa should be processed in around 3 weeks’ time.  Good luck!

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