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A Nigerian visa is needed to enter the country Nigeria. Once you apply for the visa through the Consulate of Nigeria, they process your visa application and within a specific time period you will be issued the visa. For whatsoever reason you are entering the country, you are bound to have an authentic Nigerian business visa. There are some basic requirements for any kind of Nigerian visa, that is business, tourist, STR or any other, and they are similar for all. However, particular requests are also made depending upon the visa want to apply for. Here we are going to see the requirements one is supposed to fulfil for a visit visa.

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) allows all of its citizens to enter Nigeria without a visa, for whatever purpose. They have the advantage of avoiding the procedure of obtaining the visa first and so can go to Nigeria without any obligations.

  1. Passport

The first and foremost identity is your passport which you need to travel to any country and it must have your authentic sign on it. When submitting your application, you need to provide your passport and a copy of the personal information page. You should make sure that the passport is valid for six months or one year and one or two blank visa pages, both of these variations depend on which country you’re applying from so you can check through the website for all the information you would need.

  1. Photographs

Two identical photographs must be submitted with all-white background. The front view of the head should be centered in the middle with a non-smiling expression and also the day of the photo taken should not be dated more than three months of the application date. For the US citizens, 2 x 2 passport photographs are required whereas UK citizens are asked to submit a 35mm by 45mm size photograph. Similarly, you can check what is required from you as per your nationality. Any head scarf or spectacles are also not allowed while taking the photo, though exceptions are made for religious purposes. The photograph also should not display any evidence of adhesive tape or staples.

  1. Visa application form:

For every applicant, one visa application form must be filled online. The payment also is to be done through a debit or credit card after which both the application and receipt of the payment should be printed for submission to the Embassy. An important aspect to remember here is regarding the Consulate you are supposed to choose to send the documents and that must be according to where you reside. The guidelines given in the application should be stringently followed. You can use the Documentation Preparation service to ensure all your documents have been prepared correctly.

  1. Invitation Letter:

Invitation letter pertains to the letter that your host needs to provide to you in which they formally take the immigration responsibility to welcome you. The host must write it themselves, sign it and send it to you so that you can attach it with your application. It must include a copy of the passport of the host and a copy of the personal information. If the host is not a citizen of Nigeria, he/she must send copies their Nigeria residence permit and their national passport’s personal information page. The letter should mention the host’s name and the visitor’s name along with the purpose and duration of the visit. Moreover, where the visitor will reside and the contact number must also be shared with the Consulate.

If the host is a relative, proof of the relation must be provided. For example, if the relation is of father/daughter, birth certificate displaying both their full names must be submitted.

  1. Financial Statements:

To obtain a Nigerian Visit Visa, you must also send a copy of the latest monthly bank statement which should display the applicant’s name as the account holder. The accounts balance and date of the statement should be clearly visible. This is to ensure that you have sufficient funds on your name before travelling to another country.

  1. Employment Status

Although not all county’s candidates are required to provide proof of employment, UK citizens are one of those applicants who have to. The letter of employment must be addressed to the High Commission on the company letterhead paper. It should include the name of the applicant and the company taking the immigration responsibility for the applicant. The company must confirm in the letter that this applicant is the employer of the company, also should mention the starting date and position held by the candidate. The expected date of the exit and entry can also be mentioned. At the end, the signature by the supervisor or the head is a must without which the letter will not be accepted.

If the applicant is a student, the letter must be obtained from the school/college or university he/she is studying at.

  1. Minors

If the applicant is a minor, along with the rest of the documents, original and copy of the birth certificate should be attached to the application as well as the copy of the personal information page of both the parent’s passports. Third requirement is the consent letter where the parents must accept the responsibility of sending their child and it should be signed by both the parents.

  1. Accommodation

If you’re going to stay at the host’s place then no additional confirmation is required. However, if the applicant will be staying at the hotel, you must provide the confirmation of your hotel booking. It should include the intended dates of your stay with your full name on it.

  1. Medical Requirement:

All the applicants must submit an international certificate of vaccination against yellow fever.

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