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Are you looking for Nigeria tourist visa? Nigeria contains the highest population of African country, with the 149 million people.Few areas of country are very dangerous than other areas for tourist people.Nigeria shares limitations with Niger, Benin, Cameron and chad, Port Harcourt and Lagos are necessary cities on Nigerians Atlantic area, the Abuja is the capital city is seen in central Nigeria.U.S people need a passport and visa for entering in to Nigeria.

Necessary Documents:

Gather the necessary original documents like your present passport with minimum six months validity , two photographs, a hotel reservation or invitation letter from the host in Nigeria.If the passport is from a place other than the US, take a photocopy of a green card.Fill the form and submit the online visa application found at the site of the NIS or Nigeria immigration service. Take a print out of the form.Do the payment online needed by the NIS through the service’s site online..Take a print out form of the online payment.Connect the printed payment proof to the application form.Mail all the documents, collectively with the documents gathered to the embassy.


A money order payable to the embassy of Nigeria should be added with the documents.The fixed processing fee is about Thirty dollars. Avail proper company to mail the documents and add a same envelope for the return of the original documents.The embassy of Nigeria needs you to get a tracking number if you mail the documents.An Nigeria tourist visa application form for an individual below sixteen years of age should have a copy of the birth certificate, signet accepted letters from the parents and a copy of the passports of parents or other identification.The immigration authorities of Nigeria may deny entry to persons they think medically undesirable.You cannot receive a Nigerian visa on coming at the airport. The state warns that illegal people usually give entry to Nigeria without any Nigeria tourist visa but threaten or extort the tourist people who is not legally present in Nigeria.

The important things are make sure to gather proper consulate and send the papers to the place you have chosen on the application form.Make certain to print the payment receipt for payments and also attach with the application.If you are paying the money through money order, the payment confirmation should be added with the application.It cannot be processed without evidence of direct payment.If visiting friends or relatives in Nigeria, a signed letter from hosting saying the connection to the applicant and the reason of travel. The letter should also say the time period of stay, contact details and place of stay. It should also indicate we hereby approve complete immigration responsibilities. If the host is a resident of Nigeria, a copy of passport should be given. If the friend or relatives in Nigeria, copy of host’s permits and the detail page of the passports.

Host Invitation Letter:

Computer made flight itinerary from the travel company or airline agency or copy of tickets presenting a trip to Nigeria. A copy of cruise reservation or confirmation. If accommodating in different hotels, offer copies of reservation.A letter from the host or friend is needed if they are offering boarding as well as lodging to the applicant.A child below sixteen should offer a notarized letter of approved signed by the parents or guardian saying the consulate to give a visa to the child below 16 of age.Proof of enough amounts to support accommodation in Nigeria, latest bank statement.

Use Within the Said Period:

There is a form, where you will need your contact and shipping details, select the visa processing required and create the payment. You should print the filled form and sent it with the supporting documents.Nigeria tourist visa form when given are valid for a ninety day time period of stay. The staying period starts from the date of entry, the tourist make use of this after that time, it becomes invalid.The applicant will want to apply again to get a visa for entering in to Nigeria.

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