Requirements for Travel and Business Visa for Nigeria

Business Visa

People travel for a number of reasons. There are those who travel to seek leisure and this is phenomenal with holiday goers or vacationers. There are those who move from one part of the world to another to do business. These are the seasoned business travelers who are always in search of new opportunities that can help them expand their business empires and improve their business acumen regarding how to best come up with new start-ups in a range of cultural settings and environments. There are also those who travel to other countries to work or seek greener pastures, not to mention those who move to other countries for studies. Whether you are moving to Europe, Africa, South America or China on a temporary or permanent basis, it is always important to carry with you travel documents. Travel documents have been so ingrained in immigration policies across the world that it is practically impossible to enter any country without valid documentation.

A common travel document that is perhaps known to many a traveler is the passport. This is fundamentally an identification document. It warrants you global citizenship so that you can move around freely, and to anywhere. However, having only a passport is no longer a safe beton matters freedom and protection of your rights once you land in a foreign country. A travel visa has become an integral part of travel documentation.  A visa specifies your reason or purpose of traveling so that while you are in a foreign country, there are never inconveniences such as possible deportation or detention on the premise that you are an alien who is in another country illegally. This shows just how important a travel visa is.

In Africa, Nigeria is arguably one of the most visited destinations. This means that should you be planning a trip to Nigeria this coming festive season, you need a travel visa. There are not many variations when applying for a business visa to Nigeria except for a few procedural matters. In as much as you will be having your passport ready, a travel visa to Nigeria is fundamental. Because you are planning a business trip, a visa is what will back up such a claim. The type of business travel documents you get issued with also depends on whether you are going to Nigeria as an individual business person, a representative of government business or a non-governmental organization representative.

Well, as you plan a business trip to Nigeria, some daunting questions that quite often many a business travel ask are;

  • How do you acquire a Nigerian Business travel Visa? Where to do you go and get an authentic visa?
  • What are some of the documents you need to present as proof of your citizenry before you can be issued with a visa?
  • Are there any charges involved?
  • How long does it take before you can be issued with a business Visa to Nigeria?

There are plenty of other concerns and questions which a business traveler who is planning a trip to Lagos will want to know. In this post, we take you through all the fundamental information and requirements so that your next business trip to Igbo land is smooth and uninterrupted.

Acquisition of business travel visa to Nigeria

Well, acquisition of Nigerian Business travel visa is just like any one process involved in acquiring general travel visas or documents. The name and purpose are actually what makes the difference because you will be required to present certain documents at the Consulate General’s office or at any immigration office near you. Further, you can get all this processed for you through the help of a travel agency that will advice accordingly and help you through the necessary steps.

The documentation process

  • You will be required to provide original passport which must be valid for at least 6 months. The passport should have at least one blank space where Nigerian Visa stamp will be placed. The passport must be signed in order for it to be accepted as valid.
  • Two 2X2 most recent passport sized photograph is required. It must be colored and taken on a light or plain background. If you are applying online, uploaded passport photographs with the same descriptions are required.
  • You will also be required to show proof of traveling and in which case, a travel itinerary or air ticket will be required for verification.
  • It is also a mandatory requirement that those seeking business visas to Nigeria should present letters from their employers or companies that are sponsoring them. The letter should clearly state who will be responsible for your trip from a financial point of view. It should also indicate reliable and viable contact persons you have in Nigeria.
  • If you will be staying in a hotel while in Nigeria, it is a requirement that you avail copies of hotel reservation details.
  • Those seeking business visas before they can be granted an entry into Nigeria are also required to present health certificates such as vaccination against yellow fever. This is very important.

Fees incurred in Nigerian business visa application

Well, when applying for a business visa to Nigeria, there is also a facilitation or rather processing fee incurred.  Copies of money order or banker’s cheque must be provided. If you have paid online using credit card, a copy of Google payment receipt is required. Proof of payment must be attached together with the general application documents and sent to the consulate.

The Nigerian consulate charges a fee which will be reflected on your global service order form. Note that your application cannot be processed without paying the requisite fees.

Processing Timelines for your Nigerian Business Visa

From the time your business application is received, you could wait up to three weeks before your application is approved. This can however be way earlier depending on how fast the processing is and among other things, the number of those applying for business visa.

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