Do I Need A Passport or Visa to Travel to Nigeria?

Travel to Nigeria

Two of the most utilized terms in movement vocabulary are ‘passport’ and ‘visa’. For going outside your nation, the passport is an essential archive. Consistently, every nation sees its passport positioned by its capacity. Fundamentally, what number of nations you have to get a visa to movement to on a specific passport.


The passport is a record that the national government issues to a resident of the nation. The passport is a report of personality and contains a man’s name, date of birth, sexual orientation, address and place of birth. The motivation behind a passport is to recognize the holder of the archive. For US Citizens, the naval force blue conventional passport should be restored at regular intervals.


A visa is an official consent that a specific nation needs to give a passport holder of another nation before their visit to the previous nation. A visa is a brief approval for a passport holder to movement to a nation other than the one he or she holds a passport of.

The visa is generally stamped on a passport, yet on occasion, it tends to be a different record as well.

There are some unique sorts of Nigerian visathat Nigerian Government awards to the guests, yet the particular classes of visa vary from country to country. The general classes of Nigerian visa are the accompanying.

Travel to Nigeria

Different Types Of NIGERIAN VISA

In the event that you will visit Nigeria for any reason either as Tourist, business, for work or perpetual remain, you require to apply for the visa. Just nationals of Economic of West African States (ECOWAS), does not require section allow into Nigeria. Visa is connected at closest Nigerian Mission-Embassy, High Commission or Consulate before your entrance into Nigeria as Visas are not issued at the passage point.


Visit visa:A traveler visit visa to a guest for touristic travel purposes.

Have you at any point needed a visa to Nigeria? Did you battle to discover the means and methodology to acquire one? In addition, would it say it was something you couldn’t manage? All things considered, a visa to Nigeria doesn’t need to be hard nor costly. Nigerian Visa Services can enable you to locate the ideal choices and steps.


Business visa:Businessmen who wish to movement to a Nigeria for Business exercises are conceded a business visa.

business visa Nigeria

Temporary Work Permit ( TWP ):This classification of visa is for specialists or experts who are for immigrants to enter Nigeria for doing a special specific job for a short period which usually is for 3 months .This visa needs to be approved before your travel and is only for specific jobs and mostly it is only for the jobs where there is a lack and  shortage of a worker in Nigeria..

This visa classification goes under particular visa for particular time and work and For a brief timeframe period that is the reason it’s called Temporary Work Permit ( TWP ).

Temporary Work Permit Visa to Nigeria


STR Visa To Nigeria:This is a unique sort of visa which is called STR Visa which implies Subject To Regulations . This is the sort of visa which individuals heading out to Nigeria requires on the off chance that they landed a position offer and is attempting to work in Nigeria what ever organization offered them the activity.

How do I get a visa for Nigeria?

Check Nigerian Visa Services for information

Do you venture out abroad regularly particularly to Nigeria? At that point you should know the problems about getting system. While bridging outskirts in a few nations is simple, it ends up being a bad dream in getting the visa endorsement for some others. A set of new visa rules have been issued which will disentangle your worldwide travel

A passport is required for movement to all nations, including Nigeria. In the event that you are intending to movement and your passport is expected to lapse in under a year, you may need to restore your passport. A few nations necessitate that your passport has something like a half year legitimacy staying after your expected takeoff from the nation you are visiting. Check with Embassies of the nations you are wanting to visit for legitimacy necessities. You ought to likewise ensure you have somewhere around one clear visa page in your passport for migration stamps. Your passport ought to be agreed upon. Marks are not required if the passport holder can’t sign or is a youngster under 10 years.

How would I get a Nigerian passport in USA?

Just the Nigerian Embassy in Washington and Nigerian Consulate in Atlanta or New York can issue a passport.

In case of a crisis or an emergency, a Nigerian Embassy in USA might have the capacity to issue an Emergency Travel Certificate (ETC).

Travel certificate to Nigeria

Make a note of your passport number, take a photocopy of the individual points of interest page, and keep this independently from the passport.

. Keep your passport in a protected place

. Try not to convey your passport in your pocket  

. Have an extra methods for photograph recognizable proof to convey with you

. Never hand your passport over as an assurance

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