How To Obtain Emergency Travel Certificate

Emergency Travel Visa

An emergency travel certificates as the name describes it is only issued in case of emergencies like losing your Nigerian passport or realizing at the last minutes before your travel dates that your passport has expired or is about to expire.

Remember an Emergency Travel Certificate is only valid for one journey to Nigeria and it needs to be surrendered to the immigration authorities at the port of entry on your arrival.

We understand that unforeseen situations arise and sometimes situation is not always in our control thats why we are here to help you all the way How To Obtain Emergency Travel Certificate

How To Obtain Emergency Travel Certificate we are here to help our clients arrange for the travel certificate with Nigerian consulate so that you are not delayed in making your emergency trip as quickly as possible.

We try to emphasize on the importance of keeping all your legal documents up dated even when travel is not in your plans just in order to avoid these unforeseen situations.

Your passport should always be updated when traveling rule of the thumb says 6 months validity after your return date to be on the safe side and when you return try to send your documents to renew. Nigerian passport has a validity of 5 yeaars.

Some people have the wrong notion that they could travel on expired documents since they are going to their country and could take care of it when they reaches Nigeria unfortunately things doesn’t work this way and due to this wrong information not only do they pay a big price but have to go through tough procedures to fix their documents.

Its always good to get the right information from an authentic source like consulates directly when in doubt and then we are here at Nigerian Visa Services to help you get your Emergency Travel Certificate as fast and in time of your emergency trip

If your passport has expired and you have to travel urgently or you have lost your passport and cannot find it please contact us in timely manner so that we can quids you in the right direction .It is very important that before leaving the country you are in the position of legal documents which will enable you to enter the country .

In order to apply for Emergency Travel Certificate you will need a list of things along with your airline ticket which shows that you are going for a emergency situation and not on a planned holiday!

Another important thing to remember when traveling in emergency travel is that your travel should start as soon as possible keeping the expiration of the  documents in mind other wise you will not be allowed to travel.

Always comply with all the rules and regulations of the documents on which you are giving the special permission to travel.

Feel free to call us any time and contact us and get any help in this manner from our experienced team and we can help you How To Obtain Emergency Travel Certificate

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