How To Get Nigerian Visit Visa For Under $$

Visit Visa for Nigeria

You can discover the beautiful cities of Nigeria with a Nigerian visit visa.  Getting a Nigerian visit visa can provide you a lot of fun and excitement. Nigerian visit visa is very cheap. If you want to visit Nigeria, then you must get its visa first. The applicants will get their visit visas easily.

Here, we are going to explain, how to get Nigeria visit visa. You can easily get this visa but, you have to follow proper instructions. If you want to know about the details of the required documents and other application material, read this out. By following these guidelines, you can avoid the hassle of your application form.

Process to get Nigerian visit visa:

In order to get Nigerian visit visa, you have to go through a proper procedure. Now, you can apply for Nigerian visa online. In order to apply for visa, you have to select your country to proceed your visa application process. There are few steps in this process. These are very simple and easy steps. These steps include:

  • Online application to get Nigerian visit visa.
  • Application preparation.
  • Application processing.
  • Document collection.

Payment method of Nigerian visa:

The immigration office of Nigeria has prohibited the cash payment of visa applications. Visas paid for cash will not be accepted on arrival. According to the immigration office, you can use any visa card to pay your visa fees. In addition to that, you have to present proof of payment in the form of printed payment receipt. Acknowledgement slip is also required as a proof of payment by the immigration office.

Online application to get Nigerian visit visa:

This is the first step to get Nigerian visit visa. In this step, you have to select the visa type required for your trip. You have to choose the visa service needed for your visit. Nigerian immigration is providing a very secure and convenient online visa application system. This system will make sure that no steps in the process are missed by the applicant. Here, I would like to add that you may be asked by the immigration office for an interview during your visa application process.

After filling your forms online, you have to submit them online. Then, you have to print these filed forms and further proceed to the payment section. You have to choose the payment with money order option. The application should make sure that the actual fees is in the money order. This is because of the reason that you have to put the details of money order in the system. The applicants will not get refunds once they have paid the visa fee.

Application preparation for Nigerian visit visa:

In order to prepare your Nigerian visa application, you have to provide the documents required by the immigration office of Nigeria. These documents include your current passport which is valid for at least 6 months. Moreover, you have to complete your visa application form in this step. In this step, you have to confirm payment for your visa application. You need two passport size pictures along with the data page of host passport.

If you want to apply for Nigerian visit visa, then you have to provide evidence of funds. This evidence will show that you have enough money to cover your stay in Nigeria. You can provide a letter from your bank. On the basis of your bank, your evidence will be approved. The immigration office of Nigeria will check the statement given by the bank of the applicant.

Along with the evidence, the applicant has to provide the letter of invitation from the host. Without this letter, it would be impossible to proceed the application of Nigerian visit visa. This letter will present that the host has accepted the responsibility of the applicant. In case, the applicant is not staying with the host, then the immigration office of Nigeria will ask for confirmed hotel reservation. You have to provide all necessary information about the hotel.

The holder of non-United States passports have to provide proof of legal residency. This means that they have to provide their green card. The visa fee for the applicants of Nigerian visit visa differ for the people of different countries. That is why, you have to check the charges specific for your country. This fee will also depend upon the length of stay in the country. The immigration office of Nigeria allows you to stay up to 30 days on visit visa.

Application processing of Nigerian visit visa:

In the application process, the immigration office will review your documents and your visa application form. Before this stage, you have to seek for refund. Once your documents are in the application process stage, then you cannot ask for fee return. You can ask the immigration office about the status of your application. After reviewing your visa application form, the immigration office will accept or reject your application. It is necessary for the applicant to use their application ID and reference number. This ID and reference number is provided by the immigration office.

Documents collection:

Once the visa application is accepted by the immigration office, the applicant will be asked to collect the visa. If you are applying for Nigerian visit visa through an agent, then you will get your documents at your door steps. They will take care of your application form throughout the process. All you need to do is to get in contact with them.

Persons who are under 18 and applying for a Nigerian visit visa has to provide different documents. They have to provide photocopies of their parent’s passports. You have to attach the bio – data page of the parent’s passports. In addition to this, you have to attach a copy of child’s birth certificate. Moreover, notarized letter of consent jointly signed by both parents is also required by the office of Nigerian immigration service provider. You have to send money order to Nigerian embassy as well.

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