Criteria For New Born Baby First Time Visit Visa To Nigeria

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If you are wondering how to obtain Visa for your Newborn baby to go to Nigeria, here are certain criteria to be fulfilled:


  • Get an original passport with a validity of six months and that too duly signed.


  • Have at least one blank page for Nigeria visa stamp. The Amendment pages towards the back side of the passport will not be acceptable for putting the stamp for Nigeria Visa.


  • You should keep at least one copy of Nigerian Visa application form with an additional copy to be kept ready. The Embassy of Nigeria has an online Visa application form and online payment system for the convenience of everybody. You need to complete the two copies of the form.


  • You could also have one letter of consent that should be signed by both the parents which should be attached with the forum. The names of the parents and their signatures should be same as written on the Child’s birth certificate. If one parent has custody of the child, then one copy of a legal document confirming the same should be submitted. In this case, having a consent letter of a single parent suffices.


  • It is also important to have a birth certificate of a newborn baby. All the documents need to be deposited in a physical form or the same can also be uploaded on the Nigeria site.


  • It is also very important to select a correct Consulate and send all the documents to the location as per your choice on the visa application forum. In case of credit card payments, the Google payment receipt is needed which should be attached to the application. In case, money is paid by money order then evidence of the confirmation of the payment is needed with the application.


  • The processing fee as set by Consulate of Nigeria can be deposited along with the Global Service Order Form.


  • The Nigerian Embassy also provides another option whereby one can upload passport photo on the form.


  • An invitation letter duly signed from the sponsor in Nigeria referring about the relationship to the baby and your plan for travelling to the place should also be carried. It should also have your location, stay and contact details of the family.


  • In case you are staying in a hotel then it is important to submit all the copies of hotel reservation for the family.


  • International certificate of vaccination against Yellow fever is also needed.


  • Nigerian visa requires seven to ten business days for the approval of the newborn babies and infants,


It is very important to fulfill all the above-mentioned requirements very carefully to get the visa and feel the excitement of taking your newborn baby to Nigeria.

Watch Here Infant Visa requirements For Nigeria

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