What is a Nigeria Visa?
A Nigerian visit Visa is kind of approval in the shape of stamp that allows the person to visit Nigeria. This approval of visa is granted only and only by the Nigerian Embassy or Nigerian consulate. Any one who is traveling other than valid Nigerian passport requires Nigerian visa.

Who will Need A Visa to Nigeria?
All and foreign citizens who wish to travel to Nigeria needs a valid passport and a visa stamp.No matter what your specific reason of traveling to Nigeria is , you will need the visa be it only to visit as a tourist or work or business you will need the visa to enter Nigeria . Our company can help you get A Visa As Well As All Your Travel Needs Including Tickets!

Who Needs A Business Visa?
Nigerian Business visa is totally different from Visit visa and its for the people or companies interested in doing Business in Nigeria so those people needs to apply for specific Business visa .One cannot go on a visit visa or and conduct business in Nigeria unless your passport has business visa stamped on it.

How Long Does It Take To Get Nigerian Visa?
There are two ways to answer this question , you can get your visa expedited or you can get it processed regular way based on your date of travel we can get it expedited for you in order for you to travel but please remember it all depends on Nigerian Consulate and their rules and regulations as each case is different so the best way is to call us and check the current processing time .

Do Infant Needs Nigerian Visa?
Its hard to believe but the answer is yes, even a one day old baby requires a Nigerian Visa in order to travel to Nigeria , often parents have this notion that the infant can travel on mom passport but the answer is no . All infants who are not Nigerian citizens needs visa to travel to Nigeria.

Can Anyone Travel On Expired Nigerian Passport?
The answer is No! No one can travel on expired documents therefore always check your passport for expiry dates its always recommended to renew your passport way before it expires usually six months before is a good time.