Where To Obtain Emergency Travel certificate For Nigeria?

Travel certificate to Nigeria

Emergency Travel Certificate like the name indicates is for Nigerian citizen

Who wishes to travel to Nigeria for emergencies .Most of the time it is required when A Nigerian citizen passport is lost or stolen and they come across emergencies of a situation to Travel to Nigeria but have no valid documents to travel to and in some cases realizing at the 11th hour that the passport they were suppose to travel on

Is no longer valid and has expired!!!!

When there is any emergency situation arises it’s a time of high stress and often People are lost what to do specially often the emergencies are of sad situations when A family member have passed away or is very sick and one has to be with them rightAway , we at Nigerian Visa Services take great measures to make this situation easy For you and expedite the process so that you get your Emergency Travel Certificate in days for you to be able to travel .

There is no way to travel without a valid passport or travel document to your

Country.So Incase your passport is stolen or lost or expired do contact us at your earliest so that we can help you right away and get your travel documents in order for you to be able to make your trip.

At anytime if you come across such situation feel free to contact us and talk to our specialized agents for you Emergency Travel Certificate and how to get it in time and also without wasting your important time and money.

Call us or contact us via any of our many social media links.

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