Visa to Nigeria Doesn’t Have to Be Hard: Read this Tips

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Have you ever wanted a visa to Nigeria? Did you struggle to find the steps and procedure to obtain one? Moreover, was it something you couldn’t afford? Well, a visa to Nigeria doesn’t have to be hard nor expensive. Nigerian Visa Services can help you find the perfect options and steps. If you want a Nigerian Visit Vista, you can get one! Simply read these following tips and notes of advice – and you’ll be on your way to visit Nigeria in no time.

The Documents

As with signing up for anything, there are plenty of documents to bring and forms to fill out. With obtaining visas, you’ll have to pick the one you wish to receive. For instance, there’s a Tourist Vista, then there’s a STR one, and a TWP (temporary work permit) Visa. There’s more – but if you’re simply planning on getting the Tourist Visa – here’s what you’ll need according to the Nigerianembassy.usa.urg:

  • Current passport (at lest 6 months validity)
  • Completed visa application form
  • Confirmation of online payment
  • 2 passport size picture
  • Letter of invitation from host accepting full immigration responsibility
  • Data page of Host Passport
  • Confirmed hotel reservation, if applicant is not staying with Host
  • Evidence of funds to cover stay in Nigeria (letter from the bank, etc.)
  • Holders of non-U.S. passports must provide proof of legal residency (photocopy of green card)

The fees, as this website above notes, to obtain a visa is $180. However, once the application is submitted – the funds cannot be returned. But don’t worry! If you’re quite intent on your visit to Nigeria, you’ll be able to get your visa in no time. You wont have to worry about returning it.

Submit the Application

After you’ve gathered up these documents, it’s time for Step 2. During this step of the process, you’ll fill out the online visa application form – which is available at websites like the Nigerian Immigration Service. Then, print out a copy of the completed form.

Make the Payment

Make an online payment, required by the Nigerian Immigration Service, with the website. The visa fees right now for one U.S. resident is 14,000 Nigerian nairas or $90. So, that $180 – we’ll you can get it cheaper! It depends on the number of people and who’s getting the visa, or course.

Print the Payment Confirmation

Print the paper that ensures your payment has been confirmed, then attach it to your application form. Mail these documents together along with the documents necessary to the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The money should be included with those documents you collected. If you’re concerned about the shipping fee – here’s what you should know: The standard processing fee is about $30 and then the expedited fee is $85. We recommend you take advantage of USPS, UPS or FedEx. You’ll also be required by the Nigerian Embassy to have a tracking number when you mail your documents.

In addition to the addresses above, you can also apply for a travel visa with these locations:


  • 316 Hammond Drive, Ne
  • Atlanta, GA 30328

New York

  • 60 E. 42nd Street Suite 106-107 Lobby
  • New York City, 10165

You can also call at this number to get more information 713 -457-1900

More Visas!

A visit visa to Nigeria doesn’t have to be hard! In fact, you can get it down and have your visa within 1 to a few days. It’s simply a long process to gather up the documents, fill out the forms and make payments. But, you got it! Once all the steps have been completed, you can obtain your visa and enjoy your vacation. Remember to follow these guidelines – you don’t want to forget anything during the process. Every aspect we mentioned is vital. And if you’re considering getting visas for other people or even a family – there are more requirements. For instance, here’s what you have to do to obtain a visa for someone 18 years or younger.

You’ll need photocopies of the parents’ passports (if that’s you), which is the bio-data page. Or you can have a valid ID accompanying your application. In addition, you’ll need a copy of the child’s birth certificate. Then, a notorized letter of consent from both parents. Then, of course – the payment to the Embassy of Nigeria.

There’s not as many documents to get for a child under 18 – but it’s still a long process to consider. Also, make sure if you’re considering other visas – check out the requirements and documents for those. The guidelines to get a travel visa compared to getting a temporary work permit visa aren’t the same.

In fact, if you’re considering other additional visas or Visa services you want to find more information – use this helpful link

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