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Nigeria Visa Tips

Nigeria is a highly populated country with more than 150 million people covering 250 ethnic groups and speaking over 4000 languages. The Nigerian diversity is mirrored in its rainbow beliefs and complexions, views and counterviews, reaching out from the peripheries of the desert in the northern part to the Atlantic waters in the southern region.

Read the instructions before you start applying for visa in Nigeria.

In this online site, you first have to pay the subscription fee to the Nigeria Immigration Service and is separate from the processing fee given to the Consulate.

But all individuals holding ECOWAS membership passports are not required to have a visa to visit Nigeria.


  • Choose “United States” as processing country.(read full guidelines on start application page about payments)
  • Click on “start application’ key.
  • Choose from Yahoo Google or Open ID and create your own account but if you have an account, sign in and fill the application form.
  • Print two copies then click submit.
  • Close the page to continue to payment or to enter additional applications.
  • Select a payment method Master Card Visa or Money Order and follow the significant steps.
  • You may decide to leave the application to render payments at the next stage.

Upon creating your own electronic payment or after entering and submitting your USPS money order items, you will first receive an acknowledgement email. Here, one has to wait 1-2 business days for a confirmation payment e-mail receipt that will be sent by SW Global LLC.

Money orders should be obtained from the United States Postal Service as this permits immediate processing.

All applications are acceptable 6 month after the date of submission. If this time elapses, applicants will have to apply for the second time and make another payment.

Documents required for submission

  1. Data pages and passport.
  1. Online application form (dated and signed)
  1. Payment confirmation Slip
  1. Two passport sized white background photographs.
  1. Flight Itinerary (can be a flight booking item, indicating arrival and departure)
  1. United States Postal money order amounting to $30.00 or a Certified bank Cheque that is payable to Consulate General of Nigeria
  1. United States Postal money order amounting to $65.00 or a Certified bank Cheque as advance fee processed within the first three business days which is dissimilar to the universal seven business days.

Visitors and Tourists Visa

  • Visitor and tourist visas are valid for a period of 90 days after being issued from entry date into Nigeria.
  • An invitation letter from the host delivered to the Consulate
  • A copy of passport (must have a photograph and signature, as for non-Nigeria citizens it must include the page showing the host’s legal entry status in Nigeria)
  • Hotel reservation
  • Bank Statement (showing enough funds)
  • Details  are not compulsory if the host admits full Immigration duty and outlines it in the invitation

Multiple Entry Visa:

Multiple entry visas are anticipated on a situation basis, the following item(s) should be provided by applicants:

  1. Documentary proofs of need for several entry visa.

Transit visa:

This is necessary if an applicant decides to depart the airport, and thus enter the state before completing his/her journey. In this case these item should be provided:

Items 1 to 7 listed above +

  1. Flight itinerary

Business Visa

Items 1 to 7 listed above +

  1. Business invitation on business letterhead.
  1. Incorporation letter (a copy offered by the Nigerian businesses – major banks, government bodies in exclusion of oil companies).

Travelers on religious missions or journalistic vacation are under the business visa category but will not be required to provide item 15. On the other hand, applicants can wait up to six weeks for their items to be processed; applicants should thus provide for this.

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