NIGERIAN VISA in the time of a Pandemic:

To protect Nigerian from the infestation of COVID 19, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Lagos, Abuja, and the Ogun States announced travel restrictions that will limit travel to Nigeria. Until further notice, most people cannot travel to Nigeria, even if they have a valid visitor visa or Nigerian business visa. Getting a Nigerian Visitor Visa has been affected by the Coronavirus outbreak at this time, but now, you can start working on these steps!

What are the Secrets for Getting a Nigerian Visa in the time of pandemic?

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Expedite Your Nigerian Visa

During the pandemic, a lot of people who are thinking of applying for a Nigerian visitor visa are nervous about whether they will succeed in getting a Nigerian Visa or will their visa gets approved, or they get refused due to COVID-19? However, applying for a Nigerian visa is still being accepted, but there may be delays in processing time due to the Coronavirus outbreak. If you want a visa to Nigeria, here are the secrets for getting a Nigerian Visa in the pandemic.

Visa Application must be complete

If you want to approve your visa in the pandemic time, then you must have completed your visa application. Your visa application checked twice to make sure you have all the documents needed for a Nigerian Visa. Because if your application is incomplete, it will be rejected and returned without processing it. Nigerian business visas are compulsory for all US citizens before leaving the United States and traveling to Nigeria for business purposes.

Cover Letter for Nigerian Visa Application

If you want your visa to be approved quickly without a rejection, then your cover letter for a Nigerian visitor visa application should contain the following essential information:

  • It would be best if you mentioned the purpose of travel to Nigeria.
  • Explain in your cover letter how you will manage your travel expenses and describe the source of income.
  • Explain if you have any sponsor from Nigeria and also explain your relationship with your sponsor.
  • Give an overview of your flight plan. It would help if you mentioned your flight schedule and even the schedule of your main planned activities in Nigeria.
  • If some documents are missing in your application, you should explain why you are not submitting them.
  • Mention all the documents that you have attached with your visa application.
  • It would help if you made the immigrant officer believe that you will be back to your home country within the exact time.

Other Important Factors:

So to convince the officer that you are a valid visitor who will follow all the rules, several essential factors may help you succeed.

  1. Show you have a strong connection with your country by providing employment stability, marital status, and any other responsibilities that require your return to your home country.
  2. You have to specify why you’re visiting Nigeria. If the reason for your visit is a family celebration, emergency, work-related matter, or fun vacation, you have to make your purpose clear.
  3. Convince your immigrant officer by giving proof that you are financially very stable. If you have sufficient funds for your visit, your application is likely to get approved quickly.
  4. You must provide your actual passport, including one copy of the personal information page of your passport. Your passport has at least two blank facing visa pages and must be valid for the next six months. If your passport meets these requirements, then there will be chances for the application to be approved and the visa will be stamped inside your passport.

How Can We Help You?

Are you living in Houston and want to get a Nigerian visa at this time of pandemic? Then, choosing a reputed travel agency like Nigerian Visa Services in Houston will help you a lot in getting a Nigerian visit visa or business visa to Nigeria during the pandemic. We at Nigerian visa services will help you to approve your visa, and your passport will be returned with other original documents after we process your application. If your application refused, we will you an explanation. There is no exact information on the Nigerian visa approval rate, but if you follow the process mentioned above, then there is an increased chance of your visa approval. You can consult with our immigration professionals for help. We ensure your application is successful, and your visit is enjoyable. Thank you for coming!!

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