How To Get Nigerian Visa

STR Visa to Nigeria

If you are willing to visit Nigeria for any purpose either as Tourist, business, for work or permanent stay, you require to apply for the visa. Only citizens of Economic of West African States (ECOWAS), does not require entry permit into Nigeria. Visa is applied at nearest Nigerian Mission-Embassy, High Commission or Consulate before your entry into Nigeria as Visas are not issued at the entry point.

It is advised to apply as early as possible to avoid any delay. Besides submission of the documents, Health authorities propose certain vaccination like cholera, yellow fever and Anti-Malaria Prophylactic from all kind of visitors.

You have to apply for the visa and pay requisite fees through the Embassy website.  There is a different set of requirements for different categories of Visitors. So it is always best to take advice from your consultant to the kind of documents required in your case.

  • For STR Visa, four copies of all the documents are needed including Valid National Passport, printed online Nigerian visa application form, payment confirmation, photocopy of approved Expatriate Quota, and others. You can see the basic requirements from their website.  Non-British Passport holders must submit their evidence of the legal stay or residence in the UK. They are suggested to get their visas from their birth place or nationalities where Nigeria has their office.


  • For Tourists visa too besides usual documents also required are Letter of Invitation from Nigeria and documents as a proof of sufficient funds in your account. Also is required the photocopy of passport including fees. Non-British passport holders should submit evidence of their stay or residence in The UK. They are suggested to get the visa from the nations of their origin.


  • Documents required for Minors are Birth certificate with a photocopy of the name of parents,  Letter of parents consent, their passports, appropriate visa fees paid.


  • Business people required the letter from the employer including current immigration and employment status of the application and a visa fee.

For further details, you can visit Nigerian Embassy website or Nigerian or a portal of immigration government Nigeria.

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