How to Get Nigerian Visa For Infants Written?

Infants Visa for Nigeria

People are often very puzzled to getting a visa for the infants for traveling to Nigeria. There are some steps involved to get a Nigerian visa for infants. An signed passport original, valid for 6 months or more than stay in the country, should be received for the infants.

Application form:

A copy of the visa application form to Nigeria with the extra copy must be in handy. The Nigeria embassy accepts application form online and online payment also. The two completed form copies are needed to be printed. A letter of acceptance signed by the parents should be given with the form. Names and signs of parents should match with the written name in the passports and on the kids birth certificate. If father or mother contains sole custody, a copy of the document saying the sole custody information should be submitted. In this situation the acceptance letter of the single parent is sufficient. A copy of the infant birth certificate is needed.These documents can be offered in physical method or can be uploaded on the application form.

Payment details:

The parents or the guardians must select a proper consulate and send all the necessary documents to the place selected on the application form. If you are making payment on using credit card, the good payment receipt must be included with the application form. The charges for processing fixed by consulate of Nigeria can be made through submitting global service order document. New York applicants want to give supplemental form. If the processing place is Atlanta, New York or Washington, the charge design varies. Two latest, colored 2×2 passport size photos with front side of the new born are needed on light background. Atlanta applicants can offer one passport photos.

An acceptance letter:

The embassy of Nigeria gives another choice where you can upload photo on the order form straightly. An acceptance letter from sponsor who is inviting saying the relationship to infant and the family and the purpose of travel to the country must be needed. It should have location, duration of stay, contact information of the family etc. The new York and Atlanta applicants must offer a copy of host’s passport if the host is a citizen of Nigeria and copies of resident allows and the details page of the passports if he lives in Nigeria.

Time period:

Printed and electronic model of airline ticket or flight itinerary of the new born is important. Copies of hotel reservation, for the family must also be provided. Certificate of vaccination on yellow fever is needed. Nigeria visa for infants or child needs 7 to 10 working days to accept and there some popular website finish all the procedure in short time duration and offer your child visa within seven to ten days. When considering a trip to Nigeria with child, the important thing is even an infant need a Nigerian visa prior accompanying the dad or mom in Nigeria. You do not want to worry if you look out that the new born requires a visa, there are lot of Nigerian visa services assisted their customer’s kids travel with visa without any problem.

Contact visa service center:

You should understand that it needs some time to obtain it because of paper work involved in the process but can be done easy for you by making a phone call to the concerned office any time based on the working hours. The visa service center accept that it is often good to be safe, they receive phone calls from the airport from different people looking out at the last moment that they cannot go with the kids who do not contain the visa stamped on the passport. Ask your friends or relatives about the weather condition, what to pack, but when you are facing any visa problem, it is good to talk with the professionals to enable you and provide you the best recent information. Contact the right people the time you plan to travel to Nigeria with your new born and the visa service center will assist you from filling up the form till dealing your travel visa.

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