Get A New Born Babies Visa to Nigeria

Nigeria New Born Babies Visa

If you are planning a trip with your New Born baby to Nigeria from Houston, Texas or from anywhere in the U.S, logistical challenges are things you can’t rule out. Getting aboard a plane with an infant is not as easy as it may seem. However, it should not be overrated as a really difficult issue or process. Of course you will need to seek the services of immigration experts at the immigration office or at the Nigerian consular before you can make it to a plane. Most people tend to assume that infants do not need travel documents but looked at from the standpoint of immigration policies; there are strict procedural guidelines you have to follow to the letter. In fact, this get you thinking about a reputed travel agency that has the know-how when it comes to dealing with such cases or even earn you a few hours with the Consulate General of Nigeria. Just like adults, babies need both a travel visa and a passport. It is simply something considered a big necessity or mandatory in other words.

It has always been about the question of how one can get combined tickets for his or her family or  how to quickly get a visa for a newborn that quite often throw many travellers off the track when challenges in doing so seem to be getting  thicker and thicker. Sometimes you might think you have done all that is necessary to get on a flight with your baby only to realize there is actually more that is pending. Processes and the long wait that often characterize acquisition of travel documents may even get worse when travelling with a baby. But help is always a matter of choice. You need to go through expertise assistance and get things done pretty fast say within a few hours or days, or go it alone and come face to face with endless hurdles, some of which will make you give up.

But come to think of it. It is that time of the year when Christmas is just around the corner and here you are with a newborn with who you want to travel home. You have all your documents ready including cheapest Nigerian travel tickets for both of you, but on arriving at the departure terminal, you are told you can’t go on board because your baby doesn’t have a travel visa and a passport. Proof of parenting or close relations is always required when acquiring infants Visas. This is because travelling with a baby who is not your own and with whom you don’t have any blood relations could be regarded as child trafficking. In fact, it is on this premise that immigration rules when travelling with a baby tend to be tighter.

To this end, what comes to the fore is you really need to get things done on time so that you are never late than sorry. There are many experts and travel agencies to help you get around this with ease. You will certainly come across lots of web publications and blogs purporting to give insights and guidelines on the same, but it is very important to get along this with a respected travel agency. Take a look hereafter for some incredibly easier ways out and tips on how to acquire New Born babies’ visa to Nigeria in this post.

Nigeria Visa processing for Babies

Well, it is always strongly recommended that when processing for baby visa, do it in good time so as to avoid the inconveniences that usually comes with last minute flight bookings when everyone is in rush to catch a plane. You can process your baby’s travel visa at the Nigerian Consulate General office, online or at the immigration offices. You can also opt to go through travel agencies. However, it is always very important to make sure that whoever will be serving you is an expert in the field or in matters immigration of babies. If you will have chosen to do this through the consulate, Visa processing for babies travelling to Nigeria usually takes between 7 to 10 working days. You will be asked to provide your baby’s birth certificate and some essential documents like your parents’ identification documents. It is always important to find out more regarding the requirements on the consulate’s website or on immigration website so that you get everything right from the beginning to the end.

Other essential documents needed when applying for New Born Visa to Nigeria

  • An original passport that is signed and is valid for at least six months is a needed. The passport should have at least a blank page where Visa stamp for Nigeria will be appended.
  • Apart from online booking, you can present to the Consulate General of Nigeria, a copy of application form for Nigerian Visa. You should ensure to have an additional copy of the same with you. Online application forms once completed should also be printed for stamping.
  • Parents’ letters of consent should be provided and the signatures therein must be similar to those in the birth certificate. In a case where one parent is the one having custody to the baby, legal documentation should be provided for proof.
  • You will also be required to present a copy of the child’s birth certificate either online or physically.
  • You will be required to pay processing fees using a global money order form or bankers’ cheque.
  • The consulate will always require two coloured passport sized pictures of the baby. The pictures should be taken on a light background.
  • Do not forget that a flight itinerary or ticket is a mandatory requirement before the baby’s visa can be processed.
  • Lastly, an international certificate indicating that the baby has been vaccinated against yellow fever is a must. In case you have hotel reservations, copies should be presented as proof and for verification.
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