How to obtain business visa to Nigeria?


Nigeria is an African country located on the Gulf of Guinea, and doing business in Nigeria is challenging, as demonstrated by many international business surveys. Out of 190 countries, Nigeria ranked 146th place in the World Bank’s 2019 Ease of Doing Business Survey. If you want a  business visa for travel to Nigeria for business purposes, you should consider applying for a Business Visa. Nigerian business visas can be given to any foreign national who is willing to go to Nigeria either for attending a business conference, seminars, marketing, sales, purchase distribution of Nigerian goods, job interviews, or any other business activity.  


Nigerian Business Visa Requirements 

If you are visiting Nigeria for business purposes, there are a few things you should keep in mind about the process of applying for a Nigerian business visa.



For a Nigerian business visa, a valid passport is required which should contain

  • Two blank visa pages for stamping.
  • Valid for six months to one year from the date of your entry to Nigeria.
  • Not be frayed or Altered.

Applicants whose passport does not meet these requirements, their visa application will be rejected. 




You must provide two-colored passport-size photographs that meet the following requirements:

  • Your pictures should be taken within the last three months.
  • They should be printed on high-quality photo paper.
  • The background should be white.
  • Give the full frontal view of your head with your face centered in the middle. 
  • Your photos should not be attached to your application, and it may not display evidence of staples


Letter of Invitation from Nigeria 


An invitation letter from a Nigerian company is also required for Nigerian Business Visas. 


  • The invitation letter must be on the company letterhead and addressed to the Nigeria High Commission. 
  • The letter must state that the applicant accepts full immigration responsibilities.
  • The letter must indicate the length of stay, place, and contact information.
  • The purpose of travel to Nigeria.
  • Written name of the Inviter
  • Copy of your Inviter Nigerian passport


Visa Application Form For Nigerian Business Visa:


Now, the Consulate of Nigeria has launched a web-based visa application form that you can fill online in just a few steps and also pay the associated fee online. After completing the form, print two copies of your application and receipt of your payment. If you have an urgent visa application, then Nigerian Visa services can help you save time and avoid unreasonable delays by reviewing all of your documents to certify that your application is complete and ready for submission.


Nigerian Business Visa Validity:

The Nigerian business visa is typically issued for entry within ninety days of issuance and allows stays of 7 to 90 days. The visit must be complete before the expiration date of the visa. If you have a multiple-entry business visa, then your visa is valid for six months, and it allows a stay of 7-90 days per visit.


Nigerian Business Visa Eligibility

Nigerian Business Visa is available to all countries except ECOWAS Nationals. They do not require a visa to visit Nigeria and other countries that Nigeria has entered into the visa ban list. 


How long is a Nigerian Business visa?

Are you looking to apply for Nigerian Business Visa from Houston? Nigerian Visa services in Houston will typically take 2 working days to process your visa and emailed it to you and your representative who applied on your behalf in Nigeria. Our agents will contact you personally to handle any errors ensuring your application is submitted correctly.


If you are equipped with all the above documents, you can submit these documents in the Nigerian Visa Services in Houston and prepare your business trip to Nigeria.

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