Applying For Nigerian Visa for Infants

Nigerian Visa For Infants

Nigeria is beautiful country full of scenic beauty and mesmerizing landscapes. It is known for its lakes, streams and rivers. If you want a taste of the vibrant glory of West Africa, you should definitely visit Nigeria. It provides a good mix of culture, tradition and striking landscapes.

To travel to Nigeria, you need a Nigeria Visa for US citizens for yourself and you also need a Nigerian Visa for Infants. Now you may have been used to getting a visa for yourself, but if you’re a new parent, you may be worried about getting a visa for your kid.

Below we’ve outlined everything that you need to know about getting a Nigerian Visa for Infants:

Get an Infant Passport

Since you’re going to be getting a visa for your new born, you’re also going to need a passport for the infant. Get a passport that’s valid for at least 6 months more than the duration of your stay in Nigeria. The passport should have at least one blank page for the Visa, It’s a Nigeria Visa requirement for US citizens even infants.  Remember amendment pages at the back of the passport will not be accepted for the purpose of stamping Nigerian Visas.

We recommend that you start the process of getting a passport for your Infant as early as possible, so you don’t have to face any unwanted delays in your trip due to the visa for your infant.

Nigerian Visa Application Form

Nigerian Visa Application form can easily be filled online, you can transfer the payment online as well. Be sure to print two copies of the printed form with you as you’ll need those later.

To initiate the Vis process, you may start here. If you’re unsure about anything, feel free to give us a call, we’ll do our best to simplify everything for you on our end.

Submission of the Letter of Consent

When you’re apply for a visa for an infant, you need to submit a letter of consent signed by both parents along with the application form.

The names and signs of the parents on the application form must match the signs and names of the parents that are written on the child’s birth certificate and passport.

If the child is being raised by a single parent than the document of custody must be submitted along with the application form. In this case, the signature of the single parent will suffice.

Submission of Baby’s Birth Certificate

Along with all the documents, you also need to submit a copy of the baby’s birth certificate.

Select the Consulate and Send Documents

Be sure to select the correct consulate and send all the documents outlined above to the location that you chose on the visa application form.

If you paid using Google, be sure to attach the Google payment receipt along with the application. On the contrary, if you paid using a money order or online transfer then you need to attach the confirmation of those payments as evidence of payment along with your application.

 Payment of Fee

You must send a postal money order of $30 to the Consulate General of Nigeria, a certified bank cheque may also be used. If you’re in a hurry you can order a quick emergency Visa that gets processed in 3 business days. For the emergency visa you need to send a certified bank Cheque or a postal order of $65.


You are also required to attach two front view passport size pictures of the baby along with your application form on a light background. If you’re applying from Atlanta you can also get away with providing only one photograph.

Letter from Sponsor

To travel into Nigeria you need a signed letter from a sponsor inviting you to visit Nigeria. The letter should mention the relationship you and your baby have to the sponsor, it should also outline the reason of your travel to Nigeria.  Moreover, the letter should also include the name, location and contact details of family along with the duration for intended travel.

Special Not for Residents of Atlanta and New York

Residents of Atlanta and New York must also attach a copy of their host’s passport. If their host is not a Nigerian citizen, and he is just residing there then they must attach the host’s resident permits and the information page of their passport.

Flight Itinerary and Hotel Reservations

You must provide an electronic or printed version of flight itinerary of the baby. Moreover copies of hotel reservations of the family should also be submitted, if you have reserved hotels.

Certificate of Vaccination

You also require the international certificate of vaccination against yellow fever.

Once you’ve submitted your application online and sent the payment. You will receive an online confirmation in 1-2 business days. Once you’ve had the confirmation, send your required documents to the consulate as soon as possible.

After that, you’ve done your part. You will be contacted by the embassy if further information is required. The process may vary slightly depending upon your consulate but all the major steps are the same. Good luck!

Final Checklist

Here’s a checklist of everything that you need to send to the Consulate General of Nigeria:

  1. Passport
  2. Online copy of Application Form
  3. Confirmation Slip for the Payment
  4. Two colored passport size photos on light background
  5. Electronic or Printed Flight Itinerary
  6. Certified Bank Cheque or Postal Money Order of $30 to the Consulate General of Nigeria – Processing Fee for all regular applications. If you want an urgent visa in 3 days, you must pay $65 in processing fees.
  7. A signed Letter of Consent from both Parents. In case of single parent, a legal document of custody must be attached along with a letter of consent having a signature of the single parent.
  8. A copy of the birth certificate of the infant.

9. Certification of vaccination


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