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FAQ's - How To Get Nigerian Visa

What is a Nigeria Visa?

A Nigerian visit Visa is kind of approval in the shape of stamp that allows the person to visit Nigeria. This approval of visa is granted only and only by the Nigerian Embassy or Nigerian consulate.

Who will Need A Visa to Nigeria?

All American and foreign citizens who wish to travel to Nigeria needs a valid passport and a visa stamp. Our company EST International Travel Can help you get A Visa As Well As All Your Travel Needs Including Tickets!

What Is The main Difference Between A Nigerian Tourist And A Nigerian Business Visa?

Often people get very confused to differentiate between the various kinds of visa mostly between tourist and business visa.

Nigerian tourist visa is giving only to people who are only going to visit their family and friends or to just visit and explore the country its for tourists only for limited time and while being in the country a person holding a tourist visa cannot hold and job that pays him its strictly a trip supported by the tourist with his money that he legally takes with him and supports himself during his stay.

Nigerian business visa on the other hand allows the person to do business in Nigeria on the basis that he disclosed to get the business visa and it is usually longer than the tourist visa.