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There is a special kind of visa which is called STR Visa which literary means Subject To Regulations . This is the kind of visa which people traveling to Nigeria requires if they got a job offer and is trying to work in Nigeria which what ever company offered them the job.

People often ask How To Get STR Visa as because of the nature of visa it takes longer to get STR visa as you have to meet the requirements and a lot of documents to support your application for STR Visa is needed. We strongly recommend to visit us and call us so that a detailed explanation and requirements is explained to you by our visa expert for business visa for Nigeria also. Often we get calls from our anxious clients enquiring about what it means when they are asked to get STR visa which in other words means Subject To Regulation Visa.

Like the name explains it means the kind of visa who have to get is based on certain regulations from The Nigerian government. Mostly for the foreigners who get job offers from private companies or non profit or organizations , individual investors.

Why We are Best STR Visa Provider to Nigeria?

People travelling to Nigeria needs to know this that the process of STR visa is very long and often people waste a lot of time going in the wrong directions in order to acquire the visa and face disappointment .We at NIGERIAN Visa Services are the best STR VISA IN HOUSTON as we specializes in this special field of Nigerian Visa and if you approach us you will get this visa with out wasting unnecessary time going around in wrong direction. First thing first the moment you hear the good news of finding yourself your dream job in Nigeria call us or contact Nigerian Visa Services at your first convenience and our experts in STR visa will put you on the path of getting organized and give you the whole list of requisites to provide in order to do your application for STR Visa.

Traveling to Nigeria for visit is a completely different thing that planning to take up a job in Nigeria one is always anxious as it means leaving your comfort zone and planning to live in another country for a long time either just by your self or the whole family if your whole family is traveling you will need a family visa and relocations comes with a lot of paper work but you need not to worry about it when you are in safe hands and talk to experts who have been serving Nigerians as Reputed Travel Agency in Houston, who are an experts in this field come visit us and we will help you all the way in getting your STR visa smoothly without wasting your unnecessary time so that you could use this time in doing something productive.

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