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Often we get calls from our anxious clients enquiring about what it means when they are asked to get STR visa which in other words means Subject To Regulation Visa.

Like the name explains it means the kind of visa who have to get is based on certain regulations from The Nigerian government. Mostly for the foreigners who get job offers from private companies or non profit or organizations , individual investors.

One thing we would like to clarify is STR Visa is different from Business visa and Temporary Job Permit. A business visa is for business purpose but not for paid employment and are single entry and are only valid for six months while STR Visa is valid for 90 days and its issued from Nigerian Embassy for single entry. When you arrive in Nigeria you will be asked to provide the packet which you will get along the visa which includes all your STR documents. Based on approval you will be eligible for Resident permit or Alien Card in Nigeria.

Because of the nature of visa it takes longer to get STR visa as you have to meet the requirements and a lot of documents to support your application for STR Visa is needed. We strongly recommend to visit us and call us so that a detailed explanation and requirements is explained to you by our visa expert for business visa for Nigeria also.

Visit our office at your earliest and call for your appointment to start your smooth visa delivery.

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